Interiors & pictures of my Range Rover and Magnum 4x4 in 1986
For my personal point of view, comparisons of the interior in the 80s and 90s versions against Range Rover, point out, how more clean and pleasant, the Magnum 4x4 interior is.
With out to take away from the Range (I own one back in the 80s), excellent vehicle, I think the Magnum it is far superior as habitability, space and visibility.
Also the position at the steering wheel, it is more comfortable and align, especially compare to the first classic Range Rover
Range Rover 1992
Magnum 4x4 td 1987
Magnum 4x4 1998
Range Rover 1999

My Range Rover 4 doors 3.5 V8 in off road Italy 1986

My Magnum td 87
My magnum 4x4 with my friend Giovanni out the window checking the situation
Again my Range in off road