Comparisons and competition from 1984


It is interesting to compare the Laforza and the original Magnum 4x4 with the competition of the same era.
In 1984 when the Rayton Fissore presents his Magnum 4x4 in the turbo diesel 4 cyl. version and the 2.0 volumex (supercharged), the main competitors, for class and price, are the Range Rover classic 4 doors and the Toyota Land Cruiser. I personally think that the innovative design of the Magnum 4x4 was much ahead of his time and consequentially also ahead of the above mentioned contenders. Several design innovations made this off road the first in his class to have car like futures.

Comparing the interior of the Magnum with the Range Rover or the Toyota (excellent cars as well), we can clearly point out that the Magnum have a cleaner design, unquestionably more luxuries as well as more space full and better habitable .
It was the first one, to be entirely covered by a very good quality of Italian leather, (dashboard, door's panels, center console and seats). In 1988 when the first Magnum 4x4 (Laforza) appear in USA with the powerful Ford V8 and some minor restyling of the exterior and interior, was still very ahead of the over mentioned competitors.

Influencing other brands.

Look at the pictures below, the similarities of those modern SUVs are certainly evident.

First, the ISUZU Trooper model year 99, 15 years later Tom Tjaarda ( ) design our Magnum 4x4.











Second, the well-known Range Rover model year 94 P38. If you look at this version of the Range you will notes that it borrow almost all the innovative futures of the Magnum 4x4 design (Laforza) 10 years later.

Toyota BJ Land cruiser 1985
Magnum 4x4 1985
Range Rover 1985
Isuzu trooper 1999
Range Rover 1995
Laforza V8 1989
Laforza 4x4 1989