Mechanical components used by the Laforza 1989-90/95-96-97-98-99.


Ford V8 5.0 EFI speed density (truck version). =F150/ Bronco/ Econoline.

some supercharger version with Kenne Bell or Paxton.

Ford V8 5.0 Mustang HO (Mass air).=Mustang/ 90-93 etc.

some with Kenne Bell supercharger

few with the bigger Ford V8 5.4 speed density












automatic with over drive =Ford AOD used by several Ford vehicle: trucks and cars










Transfer Case

New Process model 229







AUDI 4000





Door Handle (external):

Lancia Delta "Integrale" (1983-1992)



External rear view mirrors:

Ford Explorer 1996 (the brackets are custom build for the Laforza)

Original older models (heated) are from Lincoln.








Ford V8 efi Mass Air/High performance, with special components
Ford V8 efi speed density, truck version 89-90/99
Ford V8 Mustang mass air version 89-90/95-96-97-98.