1989 - The first production cars arrived for the January LA Auto show and were received very well by the general public. Laforza was off and running. The dealers were selling cars as fast as they could get them but the cars had a few problems that did not get addressed because of serious financial problems.
1990 - A few vehicles came to the U.S. as 1990 models and were sold but the damage to the company structure had been done and by the end of August, Laforza Automobiles of North America was in bankruptcy.

1991 - A Saudi Arabian company called Badrahn Enterprises purchased all the assets of Laforza in the bankruptcy sale which included all parts and approximately 300 unfinished rolling chassis. They finished and sent 150 vehicles directly to Saudi Arabia and sold them through their dealer network of about ten stores. Those 150 cars were sold over a three-year period.

1994 - Monster Motorsports contacted Badrahn Enterprises with the intent of buying five rolling Laforza chassis. After about four months of back-and-forth negotiations, the deal was made to buy fifty (50) rolling bodies with the first right of refusal on the remaining 100 bodies.

1995 - Monster Motorsports took the Laforza to the LA Auto Show in January and again, it was very well received. In the week at that show, Monster Motorsports took deposits on 18 vehicles. During that year, 43 Laforza's were sold.

1996 - Again, at the LA Auto Show, Monster Motorsports sold 8 Laforza's in January and ended the year selling 50 cars. In October, Dave Hops flew to Italy with the hope of making a deal with Rayton Fissore to start importing new bodies. While in Italy, a deal was made for the right to distribute the Magnum SUV (The Laforza in the U.S.) in all of North America, Canada and Mexico.

The company rolled out the newly redesigned 1998 Laforza at the 1998 LA Auto Show. The new model has been designed for the exclusive American market and is anticipated to become the Rolls Royce of Sports Utility Vehicles.