"Laforza. It means 'the force, power or strength' in Italian. And although it uses an American Ford V-8 engine and a Chrysler four-wheel-drive system, the Laforza is indeed Italian. It has a suspension derived from a Fiat-built army truck, a sumptuous leather interior, and an all-steel body that spends nine hours going down the same Pininfarina line where the Ferrari Testarossa and the Cadillac Allanté are painted."



"For safety, Laforza offers an 18 gauge steel body, a rugged box ladder frame, European touring sedan handling, and the easiest to use, most technologically advanced four-wheel drive. Touch a button on the dash for four-wheel drive and vastly improved traction on rain slicked roads, snow covered roads, or no roads at all. Laforza handles hazardous weather and road conditions that would turn away other luxury automobiles. What really distinguishes Laforza from all other luxury automobiles, and what justifies its price is versatility... Laforza is equally at home en route to the opera, off on a shopping spree, along the interstates, or out where the pavement ends. We are proud to document the individual features and specifications that make Laforza the most versatile luxury automobile in the world."



"Laforza's full-leather interior features electrically adjustable bucket seats in front, a bench seat in the middle and 40.5 cubic feet of cargo space in the rear. Power everything, air conditioning, a sunroof, a top-notch sound system and any other imaginable opulence are standard, including lots of head and legroom. There are no mechanical or amenity options (none needed). The ride and handling are superb for a vehicle of this heft and size. Laforza has an impressively low center of gravity and very little body roll. It comes with power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering and - get ready - a 32 foot, 10 inch turning radius. That's less than a Honda Accord's. Off-road - and this vehicle definitely can take it - the tendency is toward easily corrected over-steer. On the highway, Laforza is impressively quiet and feels luxurious."